This design is created with natural and dyed agate slices.  Each slice is unique in shape, size, thickness, and pattern.

Anjali pop socket grips are not removable however the top cap of pop socket phone grip can easily be popped off and replaced with a different design without actually removing the adhesive grip base.   This is very convenient if you like to change out decorations periodically.  Also the gemstone adds weight and depth to the original pop socket grip so you will want to be a little bit more careful with it.  ***These stones are real and can crack from a hard impact*** The natural stone shape changes the size and shape of the popsocket such that it may no longer fit in all holders designed for popsockets that rely on an exact size for the popsocket.

Please specify agate slice color.  Each slice is unique.
Please specify your TOP 3 POPSOCKET choices in notes at checkout (just in case any of them have been claimed)

Agate Slice Popsocket Phone Grip