This delicate pairing features tiny, dangling chalcedony rondelles, hand wrapped in oxidized and bright sterlig silver wire, with an oblong blue chalcedony focal bead.  The earrings hooks are surgical steel to accomadate even the most sensitive ears and their leverback design ensures theyll never fall off.

Blue Chalcedony-

Zodiac significance-  Cancer and Sagittarius

Chakra support- Throat and Third Eye

Blue Chalcedony emits a very soothing and calming energy.  This stone is a great support for the throat chakra, aiding in public speaking, clear communication, and effective counter arguments. Chalecodony promotes stability and eases tensions between family memebrs and/or coworkers.  This stone is also thought to instill feelings of generosity and brotherhood, and promotes new and exciting ideas.  



Blue Chalcedony Set