Allow Anjali to create the perfect mala bracelet for you. Choose from our expensive collection of gemstone beads and a guru bead and/or small tassel.

This listing is for a CUSTOM 36 BEAD Mala stretch design.  

Below is a CUSTOM TEXT box- please provide the following information:

1.  What colors are you drawn to?

2.  What colors (if any) do you prefer I not include?

3.  What properties/benefits do you desire your mala to include?

examples- *help with anxiety, public speaking, sleep, spirtual developemt, motivation, metal clarity ETC

(this inforation helps me determine the most approproate and effective stones for your design.  If I have any further questions I will reach out via the email address provided at check out.  If this purchase has been made as a gift, please note that in the TEXT FIELD)

***The above images are design samples that I have created for other Anjali Customers***

*Your purchase will include a card detailing the healing properties for this mala.  If you are puchasing this listing as a gift, please contact me and I will EMAIL a printable Gift Certificate to be presented.

**CONTACT ERIN via the WIX messaging prompt or email ( to begin the design process.  

*The length of your design is ultiamley determined by the materials chosen.

*Anjali stones are genuine semi-precious (some have been heated/ enhanced) therefore slight varietion in color, size, shape may occur.

*Prolonged exposure to SUN, MOISTURE, HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS can weaken/damage stretch cord, dull, tarnish, chip plated or stainless steel spacer beads, and/or dull stone/wood beads.


A mala is used for reflection, yoga practice or as part of your bohemian style. They can be worn by anyone who wants a more mindful, peaceful life. You can wear this mala as a bracelet or as a necklace.
Practice your mala meditation daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you feel that your body and mind are in need of clarity, peace and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy world.


What is a Mala:  Mala Beads have been worn for thousands of years in the traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism and Yoga. They are worn for their spiritual and healing qualities as well as a tool for certain types of meditation. The purpose of a Mala depends on the wearer's needs and when worn by intuitive prescription based on the type(s) of stone, it is a powerful amplifier of mental, physical and/or spiritual needs.

Mala is a Sanskrit word, meaning garland. Our Malas are made with 108 rudraksha beads and/or semi-precious gemstones along with an additional bead known as a guru bead, the 109th bead of the string. Guru beads  are powerfully sacred pieces that signify both the relationship of student and guru as well as a realization of the universal self.  

WHY 108 and #'s divisible by 108?

108 is a sacred and spiritual number. The number shows up in many ancient wisdom paths. The ancient text that many yogis study is called the Upanishads which has 108 chapters. There are 27 constellations by 4 parts which is 108. The 12 zodiac signs by 9 planets is also 108. The Ganges river also is known to have 108 names and it is said that there are 108 energy lines converging to form the Heart Chakra.

In Buddhism 108 is said to represent the following formula: 6 x 3 x 2 x 3 = 108

  • 6 senses of a human being: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, thought
  • 3 times: past, present, future
  • 2 conditions of heart, mind or intention: pure or impure
  • 3 emotional states or "kleshia":  like, dislike, indifference

Malas can also be created using a number of beads that is divisible by this sacred number.  This particular design uses 36, 8mm wood and semi-precious stone beads to create the perfect length double strand bracelet.


Please Note: All metaphysical or healing properties information listed has been collected from various sources. This information is offered for informational purposes only.



CUSTOM 36 BEAD Mala Bracelet