This mala will feature a hand picked guru, and 108 intentioned gemstone and wood beads.  We will work together to choose the stones that will best support and align you with your higher purpose and divine path.  Please email Erin at once you have completed your ordered to discuss stone and wood options.  Malas are traditionally created using one overhand knot between each bead in order to create security and ideal spacing.  Modern malas often use delicate spacer beads instead of overhand knots to create this same ideal spacing. Anjali creates two mala size options (petite and full) both have the sacred 108 beads, a guru bead/stone, and sometimes include a tassel.  Each mala has been crafted using an intentioned combination of healing stones in order to provide specific benefits, assistance, and support in meditation and daily life. The variation in length is accomplished by bead size; petite malas utilize primarily 6mm beads, and full malas primarily 8mm beads.

Please message Erin at to discuss stone and supply availability for your one of a kind Anjali design

**Final price may differ based on material choices**
If adjustment is necessary Anjali will send you a balance invoice after we have confirmed design details 

Custom Petite Mala