Petite Traditional Mala: (TRUE OF VOICE) Maa Kheru

Ceramic Scarab Vessel for whatever little sentimental treasures you feel drawn to holding with you, 108 6mm wood, angelite, lapis lazuli, Aventurine, and African Turquoise


Malas or prayer beads are traditionally used as a tool during prayer and meditation. They are made up of 108 beads; a sacred number, that holds vast spiritual significance. The 108 beads are completed by a guru bead and sometimes a tassel.
Malas have gained great popularity in both the yoga and reiki communities. The 108 beads are used as a guide to count mantras or affirmations during meditation, and to assist in remaining focused and clear of mind. The guru bead is placed at the end of the 108 beads as a reminder to give thanks and also represents the student -guru relationship. The tassel, many strands uniting as one, represents connection to the divine and all humanity; our oneness. It is also said that the tassel represents enlightenment.

Malas are traditionally created using one overhand knot between each bead in order to create security and ideal spacing. Modern malas often use delicate spacer beads instead of overhand knots to create this same ideal spacing. Anjali creates a few mala size options (full, petite, petite stretch, full mini stretch) all have the sacred 108 beads, a guru bead/stone, and sometimes include a tassel. Each mala has been crafted using an intentioned combination of healing stones in order to provide specific benefits, assistance, and support in meditation and daily life. The variation in length is accomplished by bead size; petite malas utilize primarily 6mm beads, and full malas primarily 8mm beads, and mini's primarily 4mm)

Maa Kheru Mala