Zodiac Significance- Virgo

Chakra Support- Heart and Throat

Amazonite is the stone of opportunity.  It is a calming and soothing stone that is said to improve the qualities of married life, help in overcoming loneliness, and aid in effectively comminicating ones true feelings and thoughts with out over dramatization.  Its is a great support for overcoming conflict, calming an overactive/anxious mind, and enhances overall feelings of calm and centeredness.  Amazonite is also known to promote tidiness, bring forth new opportunites, and protect the wearer against being taken advantage of.

Each ring is made by hand and electroformed with pure copper for 8-36 hours, creating beautifully unique texture and detail. Anjali’s Electro rings are a rustic design, embracing the beauty of natural imperfection. Because of the unpredictability of the copper exchange, each ring measurement is a very close, but not exact measurement. There will never be two of the same.
Each ring is buffed, polished and sealed with a protective layer to maximize luster, keep the bright and clean rose gold tone.
Copper is a grounding metal bringing balance, while amplifying energy. Copper increases your mental agility and focus! It aids in repairing tissue, eases arthritis, strengthens the female reproductive system, and increases overall vitality. It is an excellent conduit for all energies, subtly enhancing the properties of crystals and aligning your own energy field.
These rings can be kept shiny with a polishing cloth or by giving them a little scrub with table salt and lemon juice. Please keep clean and dry. Copper can tarnish as it oxidizes and as this happens, some people may experience tinging on their skin, but this is harmless & can be easily resolved by adding a coat of clear nail polish to the band (if you so desire)

Raw Amazonite sz 7.25