The Joy is in The Journey Mala is designed for those of us that are looking to stay grounded in the present and find joy in every moment. Use it in the tradition of meditation or wear it in your everyday life. 


This Mala, featuring Crazy Lace Agate, Smokey and Clear Quartz, Citrine, Hematite, and is completed by a Double Lemurian Seed Quartz Point. 


Crazy Lace Agate is known to help keep you in the present, and is said to emit positive, happy energy.


Smokey Quartz is a grounding and protecting stone that lifts negative energy, and promotes pleasant dreams.


Citrine Is a stone of wealth and success. It helps the wearer with productivity and creativity.


Clear Quartz is a stone of amplification and manifestation that is able to be programmed by its owner to work with and support them in all areas of life. 


Hematite has a very protective quality that brings an immediate sense of calm when placed on the skin. Hematite is magnetic, making it a grounding and stabilizing stone. It promotes deep thought and enhances memory and overall health.


Double Lemurian Seed Quartz  Is excellent for meditation as it is known for removing emotional blockages.

The joy is in the journey Mala